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Five Star Counsel is a blog that discusses customer service lessons for lawyers from John Strohmeyer, a former hotel manager.

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Start Improving your Customer Service Now

So you know you need to focus on your people, your delivery, and your systems if you want to improve your service. What can you do to start improving right now?

Three Components of Service

If you’re going to improve the service aspect of your firm, you’ll need to focus on the three components of service.

What Gets Confused for Good Customer Service?

Clients aren’t hiring your firm because of its immaculate furniture, monogrammed glassware, and mid-range gallery art.

What is Customer Service?

So what is customer service? Customer service is the experience that a business provides beyond its physical or technical product.

Why Lawyers Never Learn Customer Service

Lawyers are highly trained specialists who work for years to gain the skills necessary to practice. And despite all those years of education, lawyers never get any formal service training.

The Days of the Mercurial Lawyer Are Over

You may not have noticed, but the market for legal services is shifting. The internet has democratized information (but not knowledge), and potential clients are a few clicks away from finding what they think is the right answer to any legal question.

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